Bruce Wayne Voice Bot


For this week’s assignment in Hello Computer we were tasked with creating a weird Dialogflow voicebot. I decided to have my voicebot emulate the personality of Bruce Wayne, the alter ego of Batman.

I thought this would be a fun exercise because Bruce Wayne is a billionaire, not an assistant, let alone someone who engages in polite casual conversation with strangers on a regular basis.

Batman, and other wealthy crime fighters are libertarian solutions to “criminal justice”. Therefore, I programmed Bruce Wayne to respond to political and philosophical questions with a conservative perspective. Naturally, when you try and ask Bruce-Bot if he’s Batman he will vehemently deny it. However, if you ask him about his personal opinions on Batman – for instance, whether the money Batman spends on his equipment could be better used subsidizing restorative justice initiatives, Bruce’s conservative politics emerge. I would enjoy continuing to work on this concept – adding more dialog (perhaps some sourced from real libertarians) to flesh out this character.

Below is my Voice Bot Design Worksheet, and a link to the code for Bruce Wayne on my GitHub.

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