Hello Computer

Personal Check-In Voice Bot

For this week’s assignment, I built a simple emotional support check in voice bot using Google’s Dialogflow, and Firebase Service. This project is a jumping off point for my final project, which will incorporate different APIs and built-in events to enhance the user’s experience. As of now, the bot asks you how you are feeling,[…]

Bruce Wayne Voice Bot

For this week’s assignment in Hello Computer we were tasked with creating a weird Dialogflow voicebot. I decided to have my voicebot emulate the personality of Bruce Wayne, the alter ego of Batman. I thought this would be a fun exercise because Bruce Wayne is a billionaire, not an assistant, let alone someone who engages[…]

Attempt: Posh to Cockney

I am still working on a functional project. For now, I will document my process, thoughts, and struggles up until this point. The purpose of this assignment was to “Create something that takes non-speech input from a person and responds with speech synthesis.” I had two approaches to this assignment. 1. Phone Prank Caller I[…]