ICM – Week 1 Assignment


Part 1

I see a practical application to creative computation in my work in Child Psychology research. Too often we fail to collect data from children because our studies’ “games” are excruciatingly boring, straining the attention spans of our subjects. I believe this issue extends to science education for children as well. I would like to build a more engaging synthetic face animation that could speak research prompts to children, to improve the efficacy of our data collection. I would also like to see more tactile early learning educational tools to teach scientific concepts – much like the Nervous System project listed in the ICM wiki page.

Part 2

I enjoyed the face making task, though at times I found the web editor tedious to work with. I struggled to interpret the directions for how to generate arcs – I mitigated this issue by googling other, more clear tutorials. I would say benefitted overall from drawing the components of my face out before programming it. However, I was not prepared for how much time generating and coloring each element of my face would take. Because creating each component of my face took so long, and even though I set the j5 visual preferences to night mode, I found the display made my eyes tired over time.

Steps of Face Documentation:

I sketched my face, marking which order I might make certain elements.

sketched self portrait with simple shapes and notes

I created each element of my face without color.

Code and digital preliminary self portrait based on aforementioned sketch

I figured out which colors I wanted to use by using a droplet tool to identify color hex codes that best reflect my “bodily palette”. Unfortunately this progress was deleted.

Aforementioned digital self portrait and code, colorized
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