ICM – Week 6 Assignment


This week, our class was expected to create a sketch with constructor-based objects, and explain our sketch. I decided to continue on an original idea I had had, a balloon popping game, utilizing new and old skills from throughout my projects. I used arrays to generate my cats, and the transparent “button” ellipses that allowed my counter to increase, and the position of the cats to reset. I used for loops to populate my arrays, and move my cloud animations (as I had done in the past). I also uploaded a new font to match the 8-bit aesthetic of my animation, and a loading screen that reflected the same aesthetic

The only issue I ran into was when I tried to draw from a randomized “meow” array, which would play when I pressed my ellipse balloon buttons. I assume the issue came from the syntax I used after establishing the variable in the constructor, or the syntax I used when linking it to the event “clicked”.

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