ICM – Week 8 Assignment


This week’s assignment was to create a sketch using pixelated images and describe it under specific parameters. I created a “Who’s That Pokemon” game with Neta Bomani – our description is as follows:

We based our animation on the “Who’s that Pokemon” television bump sketch.

We were asked to describe the experience in 5-10 words, we chose: A memory game to flex your nostalgiac fandom for Pokemon.

The sketch is split into 8 sections based on each Pokemon, Bulbasaur, Mewtwo, Jigglypuff, Electrobuzz, Infernape, Squirtle and Vilplume.

We were also asked to describe each section in 2-3 words below:

Section 1: This is Bulbasaur.

Section 2: This is Mewtwo.

Section 3: This is Jigglypuff.

Section 4: This is Electrobuzz.

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