Pcomp – Paper Prototype Prep


This week, my group was tasked with developing a project description, a system diagram, timeline, and bill of materials in preparation for our playtesting.

As a group, we constructed our final narrative and drew out the necessary components provided in the images below:

Essentially, we will have 3 components linked to a p5 sketch – a Neurosky EEG reader, a jar that can light up and vibrate, and an Xbox Kinect camera. Our animation will begin as a flame with a dark background. When our user twists off the top of the jar, the fire will extinguish, and turn into smoke. Depending on our user feedback, our user will be prompted to focus on the smoke, and it will turn into an avatar for our user, as fireflies begin to emerge from the darkness. With the jar, registered by the Neurosky, our user may capture up to 10 fireflies. For every firefly caught, our jar will become brighter and vibrate. Once the user has caught 10 fireflies, the animation will revert back to a fire, and the user will reset the animation by replacing the cap on our jar.

We decided that we would determine our floor plan based on user feedback.

Our group had been working on dynamic timeline and bill of material documents, that we have made accessible on this page.