Personal Check-In Voice Bot


For this week’s assignment, I built a simple emotional support check in voice bot using Google’s Dialogflow, and Firebase Service. This project is a jumping off point for my final project, which will incorporate different APIs and built-in events to enhance the user’s experience.

As of now, the bot asks you how you are feeling, and using sentiment analysis, will direct you down three paths – good, ok, or bad.

Dialogflow Map

After meeting with Nicole He, I understood how to flesh out my Dialogflow map to progress from my higher “intents” (good, ok, bad) to sub intents. Presently, my sub intents are relatively simple – you can receive funny text content or advice if you are feeling ok or bad respectively.

Moving forward, I hope to have the “funny content” of the Ok->Yes sub intent be stand-up comedy audio from a channel of YouTube videos. If possible, I would also like to integrate some sort of medical advice API as the Bad->Yes sub intent. Lastly, I would like to integrate Dialogflow’s built-in phone call event to direct users who say they are suicidal to a call with the National Suicide Hotline.

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