Sound Guide Reflection


Creating a sound guide gave me perspective into how mindlessly I ingest subtle audio cues in my environment. I got to know the history of 370 Jay Street through our sound guide.  By searching the history of each sound Sylvan and I recorded through our initial walk in the basement; I inverted my usual approach for understating a space, and am grateful for having experienced this process differently. I would not take any element of this process back, though, I might have wanted to do some research about the space before entering the basement so that we could better select the sounds we warped into abstraction. Furthermore (though there was equal input throughout), I might have delegated the load of sound editing and pamphlet making more evenly, though we were both versed in these practices. Overall, I am pleased with our ability to guide without direct guidance, as the excess of guidance in the sound guide, I attempted leading up to this project frustrated me greatly.

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