Understanding Networks

Looking at Packet Routes with Traceroute Assignment

Introduction For this assignment we were tasked to use the “traceroute” command line command to garner insight into the trajectories of information packets across IP addresses when we try to access certain websites. I chose to analyze traffic from adultswim.com (a media streaming site), duckduckgo.com (a search engine), drive.google.com (Google Drive), popvapor.com (a vendor), reddit.com[…]

Set Up A Host Assignment

Setup On September 8th, 2020, I spun up a virtual server through the Digital Ocean service to Tom Igoe’s assignment specifications. Our assignment was to leave our server running for a week with an Uncomplicated Firewall (ufw) and to observe and analyze the firewall’s logs of attempted connections to our server. On September 14th, I[…]