Creative Switch


For this assignment, I knew that I wanted to use a material that was readily accessible, unconventional, and conductive. Gatorade was a natural choice as a medium, as the same chemicals that imbue the beverage with electrolytic properties are what make it so beneficial for biological replenishment. The circuit sits atop the Gatorade bottle top, with the ground and live wires sitting inside the Gatorade bottle. The switch occurs when the Gatorade vessel tips and the Gatorade liquid completes the circuit between the two live wires.

In order to create this circuit, I learned how to solder. This was essential not only to connect my LED (circuit success indicator) to my resistor and power source. One of the greatest frustrations I ran into in this process was that I could not find a sufficiently small heat wrap to sufficiently waterproof my ground wires, in order to prevent my circuit from shorting. To mitigate this issue, I soldered the ground wires together and wrapped the soldered connection in electrical tape; passable, but not preferable.

I created two versions, the second more aesthetically pleasing. Below are videos documenting the first test of my circuit, the completion of my first design, and the completion of my final design.

Circuit Test
Switch Test Version 1
Switch Test Final Version