ICM – Week 7 Assignment


This week we were tasked with cleaning up the code from last week’s assignment. Frankly, I found that my code was clean and satisfactory, without redundancies, so I added an outro level to my animation exercise that prevented my users from surpassing 100 cat clicks.

The ease with which I was able to construct this level was surprisingly gratifying. Without assistance, and with minimal troubleshooting, I was able to execute a precise vision of what I wanted to create; I have come a long way. I find it both satisfying and funny that for each week, with each tool I’ve learned, I’ve come closer and closer to the game I wanted to create for my first ICM class. To that end, my increased comfortability with JavaScript has given me hope that I will, eventually, be able to approach and master (with time) higher-level programming concepts like machine learning, and addictive user interface development. To be clear, I am not interested in understanding these tools exclusively because I want to generate with these tools – I see danger in their overuse, but recognize that in order to contend with the dangers these tools present I must first understand them. In a funny way, my addition this week reflects my concern that technology grabs our attention to a toxic degree, and I am excited that I can push back against this trend at a level that reflects my (growing!) capability.

Images for this and last week’s documentation to come

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